Going to conquer the capital, everyone asks himself/herself a question: is it necessary and mandatory to have residence registration in Kyiv? And although every law-abiding citizen of Ukraine must report changes in his/her place of residence within a month (as required by the current law), far from everybody hurries to the center of administrative services.

And the owner of the rented apartment does not always agree to register a stranger in his/her apartment.

Those who have relatives, acquaintances or who buy housing in the capital, can execute residence registration by themselves, the procedure is simplified and requires a minimum of documents.


Having received the consent of the apartment owner, you have, together with the apartment owner, to visit the center of administrative services in the district of Kyiv, where the apartment is located. Herewith, you need to have the original of your passport, and men are required to provide a military service record card, and the owner of the apartment must take documents confirming the ownership of the apartment.

Administrator of the center will enter your details and within five working days you can receive the registration documents by visiting the center of administrative services again. If you have not deregistered from the old place of residence, there is no problem, this can be done simultaneously with the registration at the new address by filling in the relevant application.


If you are planning to become a successful businessman, open your company in the capital or just to find a highly-paying job, you need an official registration in the capital. Residence registration simplifies the registration of entrepreneurship or company of any form of ownership, gives an opportunity to open settlement accounts in a bank and take a loan, positively resolve issues in state bodies. You can negotiate about the proposed job and its corresponding payment with confidence, as a citizen of the capital.

Having received the official registration, you will be able to:

  1. get services in medical institutions of the capital;

  2. enroll your child in nursery or school;

  3. register new car;

  4. draw up foreign passport;

  5. demand resolution of issues in municipal and state institutions;

  6. build your career, focusing on work.

Residence registration in Kyiv is available to everyone, and it is not necessary to be the owner of real estate.

How to register in Kyiv without a housing?

If you do not have friends or acquaintances who would register you at their home, you should not rely on the desire of the rented apartment owner, even if it is a temporary residence registration. It is especially difficult to register with young children. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find an owner of an apartment in Kyiv, who would agree to register you, but it's easy to get on the ad of swindlers. Trusting strangers, you can lose both money and passport. It is much easier to apply to a firm that is engaged in legal registration in Kyiv.

Registration in Kiev with the help of the company is quick and reliable.

A company providing similar services can help to get residence registration in Kiev. It is convenient, cost efficient and legal.

You do not waste your time by searching for a place of residence to be registered in, the company has its own housing stock, you can always check the ownership of the apartment, in which you are registered, by asking to provide documents. To get official registration, you may:

  1. Come to the office with passport and military service record card (for men).

  2. Make a call, consult and arrange an appointment.

  3. Fill in and send the message in electronic form, and we will be in touch with you at a time convenient for you.

The company is interested in customers and long-term cooperation with them, and values its reputation. Quick registration, friendly servicing, opportunity to get answers to all the questions of interest are also positive moments of contacting the company. In addition, you can be sure that you will not be asked to be deregistered after two or three months, it is not profitable for the company.

How a foreigner can get residence registration?

A resident of another state who has obtained a residence permit in Ukraine, temporary or permanent, also needs to obtain an official residence registration. If there are no relatives and friends who agree to help in resolving this issue, it is better to contact experienced professionals in a company aware of everything regarding residence registration in Kyiv.

Unfortunately, we are dependent on the place of our residence, often it is required to provide passport and residence permit in various institutions, even if it is not stipulated by law, so, the registration at the place of residence is relevant and necessary. That`s why, if you want to enjoy all the legal rights of a resident of Kyiv - get residence registration.

Do not risk, contact a competent company with professionals.