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We register (effect residence registration) in Kiev

According to the current law of Ukraine, foreign and stateless persons legally residing in Ukraine use the same rights and freedoms, and have the same obligations as citizens of Ukraine, except as required by the Constitution, laws or international treaties of Ukraine.

Law of Ukraine on “Freedom of Movement and Choice of Place of Stay and Residence Within Ukraine” provides the obligation of every person to register his/her place of residence (to get residence registration) within 10 days from the date of arrival at new place of residence.
This rule also extends to foreign and stateless persons.

In effect, stated term, during which a foreign citizen must obtain the registration, comes into effect from the date of issuing the temporary residence permit within Ukraine.

To register the residence within Ukraine, foreign person is obliged to provide the following documents:
written application (drawn up by specialists of our company);
document with information on place of residence. Such document includes permanent residence permit; temporary residence permit.

receipt for payment of state duty (state duty is paid by specialists of our company);

documents confirming permission to reside at dwelling, the address of which is indicated under registration (such documents are drawn up by specialists of our company).
Generally, a foreign person residing within Ukraine, and planning to return to the country, where he/she is from, has no need in purchasing the own dwelling within Ukraine, because this includes large-scale investments and paper chase.

In such events, registration services, offered by our company, are the most reasonable and profitable.

Our benefits:
1. We register (effect residence registration) only in apartments owned by us as a property.

2. Our company does not use any agents, ensuring services to be of the lowest cost and the time – of most efficiency.

3. We do not use any illegal schemes concerning document forgery and misuse of another`s property.
4. We ensure the extension of residence registration period during any required time.

5. Our company gives promptly notice on every correspondence or/and information arriving at the address of residence registration.

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