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Residence registration in Kiev, how to get it and what is needed for this? We will discuss it in details in our video.

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Detailed information about necessary issues of registration in Kiev.

According to the current law of Ukraine, foreign and stateless persons legally residing in Ukraine use the same rights and freedoms, and have the same obligations as citizens of Ukraine, except as required by the Constitution, laws or international treaties of Ukraine.

Buy a residence permit in Kiev

Law of Ukraine on “Freedom of Movement and Choice of Place of Stay and Residence Within Ukraine” provides the obligation of every person to register his/her place of residence (to get residence registration) within 10 days from the date of arrival at new place of residence.
This rule also extends to foreign and stateless persons.

In effect, stated term, during which a foreign citizen must obtain the registration, comes into effect from the date of issuing the temporary residence permit within Ukraine.

Residence permit for foreigners

To register the residence within Ukraine, foreign person is obliged to provide the following documents:

  • written application (drawn up by specialists of our company);
  • document with information on place of residence. Such document includes permanent residence permit; temporary residence permit;
  • receipt for payment of state duty (state duty is paid by specialists of our company);
  • documents confirming permission to reside at dwelling, the address of which is indicated under registration (such documents are drawn up by specialists of our company).

Generally, a foreign person residing within Ukraine, and planning to return to the country, where he/she is from, has no need in purchasing the own dwelling within Ukraine, because this includes large-scale investments and paper chase.

In such events, registration services, offered by our company, are the most reasonable and profitable.

Our benefits:
1. We register (effect residence registration) only in apartments owned by us as a property.
2. Our company does not use any agents, ensuring services to be of the lowest cost and the time – of most efficiency.
3. We do not use any illegal schemes concerning document forgery and misuse of another`s property.
4. We ensure the extension of residence registration period during any required time.
5. Our company gives promptly notice on every correspondence or/and information arriving at the address of residence registration.

Residence registration in the most popular districts of Kyiv is available to you:

  • Pecherskyi
  • Shevchenkivskyi
  • Holosiivskyi
  • Obolonskyi
  • Sviatoshynskyi
  • Solomianskyi
  • Desnianskyi

Detailed steps to get residence registration in Kiev

According to the statutory provisions of Ukraine, every citizen of the country may freely choose almost any place of his/her residence. Nevertheless, Residence Registration in Kiev becomes more popular, because thousands of people come to the capital every year. At the same time residence registration or residence permit often frightens and puts off future Kyivers due to bureaucratic red tape. It is necessary to register the place of your current residence within a month from the date of passport or residence permit receipt. This often poses a serious problem for newly arrived residents of Kiev.

If you are interested in registration in Kiev here and now or in temporary registration, you should know what documents need to be prepared and which organizations should be visited. Nowadays the registration procedure has indeed become not as difficult as it was before. The main hitch is that the owner of the apartment where it is planned to obtain a registration must be involved in the whole procedure.

If documents confirming ownership of the property (where registration is required) are adequate, there will be no problems, and the whole procedure will take several days in total.

Residence registration may be required to:

  • Effect any real estate transactions.
  • Elect a court.
  • Open organizations, register business activity in Kiev.
  • Execute customs documents.
  • Register a vehicle in Kiev.
  • During visa or foreign passport issue.
  • Send children to educational institutions.
  • For official employment.

Important to know: In addition to the documents for the apartment, it is necessary to have a passport, and for men - additionally to have a document from military enlistment office.

Residence Registration in Kyiv

If you decide to get residence registration by yourself, firstly you need to go to a Center of Administrative Services (ЦПАУ) of the required city district (where an apartment is located). After signing up for an electronic queue you have to wait for an invitation to the office. Next, all collected documents shall be provided to an administrator. All information provided by you is entered into the database, after which the application for registration is printed. We can also give you all the details about procedure of residence registration of foreigners in Ukraine (registration of foreigners in Kyiv).

Important to know: If you have not been deregistered from the previous place of registration, you must sign one more application confirming such deregistration from your previous address.

When all documents for registration are accepted, it is necessary to pay the state duty. To do this, you need to find the nearest terminal (usually they are located inside the center of administrative services). The amount of duty is low (from 11 to 51 UAH), so everyone can afford residence registration.

Next, you receive an inventory of submitted documents. Filling out applications, you should indicate your phone number to send notification of the readiness of your documents. Time for consideration of applications takes a maximum of 5 days. After receiving the text message you can go to the Center of Administrative Services and take your passport with desired residence registration. Owner of the apartment is not involved in this procedure, only the passport holder is required, as well as the inventory given to you when submitting applications.

Notwithstanding that the procedure does not seem complicated, certain knowledge and free time, which some of people is short of, are necessary to execute and file the documents properly and fast. In such case, it is better to buy residence registration in Kiev. Specialists will do everything for you.

Temporary residence registration (temporary registration) is a relative concept that only specifies period of registration of an individual. Such period is determined by the agreement concluded between you and the owner of the apartment. Stamp on the registration does not contain any marks related to the time limit for registration. Residence registration in Kiev, as in the whole of Ukraine, remains and will remain an important legal institution in the near future.

Registration procedure and list of required documents

To register future place of residence, a foreigner (who has received a residence permit) or a citizen of Ukraine must register his/her place of residence within a month.

What documents need to be prepared?

  • Passport.
  • Military service record card (for men).
  • For foreigners - Residence Permit (in Ukrainian: "Посвідка").
  • Original documents for the apartment.
  • Passport of the owner (or owners, if several) of the apartment.

Registration procedure:

  • Submission of documents for registration to the Center of Administrative Services together with the owner and receipt of the inventory of submitted documents.
  • Receipt of prepared document (passport or residence permit) with all registration marks.

"Residence Registration in Kiev" service allows you to get fast registration in the capital. Many years of our experience in residence registration guarantees the efficiency and promptness of the services provided.

Important! We work without prepayments: you pay for the service only after receiving the finished document.

Advantages of buying residence registration in Kiev from us are obvious:

  • Reasonable price of the service.
  • Accompaniment to the Center of Administrative Services and assistance in execution of documents
  • Registration without any middlemen - you work only with apartments owners
  • Full customer support during the whole time of cooperation
  • Total legitimacy and official nature of the procedures
  • Extension of the registration period for any required terms.

Residence registration in Kiev is available to anyone, but almost all the difficulties during registration arise because of a non-trustful relationship between the property owner and the person who needs registration. It is worth noting that this is really fast, convenient and legal.

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