It`s simple: We and you schedule an appointment in administration of one of the districts in Kyiv. You have to take you passport and military ID (for male Ukrainian citizens), and our authorized officer brings documents of title to apartment and helps you to fill out the application for residence registration (and extract). You pass you passport for registration to an officer of the Center of Administrative Services. For our part, we give a written consent to your registration in our apartment and submit the documents for apartment together with your application. The next day we receive SMS-message on issuance of documents, come to the Center of Administrative Services, receive the passport with residence registration and effect settlement.
You may deregister from previous place of registration (from Mariupol) at the place of registration (in Kyiv). To do this, you have to sign two applications: on deregistration and on registration, and to submit them to the Center of Administrative Services. A notification on your deregistration and on new place of your registration will come to Mariupol by letter.
One-two days on average. For example: today we file the application and tomorrow or the day after tomorrow – we obtain ready documents. You will receive an SMS-message with notification on issuance of documents.
From April 14, 2016 registration of place of residence is made by administrations of respective districts (cities). In Kyiv, Centers of Administrative Services (in Ukrainian – ЦНАП (CNAP) accept documents in each of ten districts, and this centers work under district city administrations. More detailed information can be obtained from the website of State Migration Services.
Yes, of course. In this case you have to issue a power of attorney to file documents on your behalf to notary office. We will send the text of such power of attorney to your email. We will do all the “paperwork” by ourselves, and send you the ready documents to any address convenient to you.
You may get residence registration for a shorter term, but minimum cost of our services on residence registration is 4800 UAH. With that, after getting the residence registration you may change it as soon as the next day – our involvement in it is not required.

Yeas, our prices are high. This is caused by a number of reasons:

  1. We work with no middlemen: we register you only in our own apartments, not in dormitories, another's houses or homeless people registration centers, and we pay all taxes; so your business is totally legal.
  2. Costs of our services also include secretary services: all incoming correspondence addressed to you will be received, and our officer will notify you on such correspondence within one day.
  3. You won`t have to make any additional payments anymore: the stated cost includes all required payments and even notary costs for power of attorney issue.
  4. It is convenient with us: we care for your comfort; that`s why we will drive you to the Center of Administrative Services to file documents and, if necessary, we will deliver ready documents at the address specified by you.
  5. It is safe with us: as the property owners, we are interested in extending the agreement with you in a year, that`s why you can safely command our services a year, two or even five years later. Let us remind, that we have been working since 2011.