Residence registration in Kiev according to new place of residence is required under current legislation of Ukraine, and must be done within 30 days.

If you are planning to buy property in Kyiv or you have relatives, friends who agree to register you at their address, you will not have problems in registration, you will only have to spend time and visit the center of administrative services.

Those who know the value of time and want to get a residence registration in Kyiv quickly and surely, we propose to contact our company by calling us or sending an e-mail.


Legal registration provides unlimited opportunities for entrepreneurs and businessmen:

  1. Possibility to register an enterprise or legal entity.

  2. To get a banking loan for business development.

  3. To enter into lucrative communal property lease agreement.

For an ordinary citizen of Ukraine, the official registration provides:

  1. More chances to get a high-paying job; serious employer will surely require a residence registration.

  2. Opportunity to build your career.

  3. Possibility to get a banking loan, including for purchase of housing.

  4. Registration of a car to a new address.

  5. Drawing-up of the foreign passport.

  6. To enroll your child in preschool and educational institutions according to the place of residence.

To be on firm ground in the capital of Ukraine, successfully build your career and not think about possible problems, you should contact our company and buy residence registration in Kiev. The company operates legally, has its own housing stock; competent staff will provide the necessary consultation, and execute quick and official registration in any district of the capital. All you have to do is to call us or send an email.

What documents are required to be provided?

To solve the issue of registration you need a minimum package of documents: original of your passport, and men shall have military service record card. Minimum time for registration, quick receipt of the passport with necessary residence registration. Entrusting us with the residence registration you can get legal support and consultations on any matters.

How a non-resident (foreigner) can get residence registration?

In order not to violate the legislation of Ukraine, foreign citizen who has received a residence permit (temporary or permanent) must register a place of permanent residence; residence registration is required in Ukraine, this has to be be done within a month. We help foreigners to get registration, solve issues promptly and legally, provide a package of all necessary documents, provide legal advice during the process of registration.

Trusting us, you save your own time, you don`t have to stand in long lines, collect missing certificates, convince owners of an apartment of your trustworthiness.

Legal registration - take your chance

Our knowledge, experience, and competence will help you to solve all your issues promptly and professionally. Cost of such service is low, but it opens great opportunities for residence registration in Kyiv. What`s most is self-confidence and self-reliance. Is it worth to push luck and not register on arrival in Kyiv? It is necessary to use all opportunities, including those provided by a legal residence registration. And we will be happy to help you with it.

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